Special Recognition of Teachers

Each spring retiring teachers are honored with a gift from the Enid Chamber of Commerce along with a special award for the Teacher of the Year.


2013 Honorees:

Teacher of the Year
Eddie Lou Strimple

Enid Public Schools:
Debra Brock                29 ½ years

David Fischer              32 years

Ronald Goldy             13 years

Timothy Jones             34 ½ years

Judith Jorden              28 years

JoAnn McGuire          40 years

Linda Moore               32 years

Joyce Pitt                    20 years

Patricia Ray                 36 years

DeAnne Sacket           27 ½ years

Marsha Lines               29 years

Sherrie Henderson       33 ½ years

Patricia Ritter              36 years

Donna Gay                  29 years

Susan Bartlett             33 years

David Astley               35 years

James Turner               22 years

Kay Dragoun              38 years


Oklahoma Bible Academy:

Betsy Mabry       32 years teaching

Ray Mueller        31 years teaching

Marsha Scott      20 years teaching



Judith McBlair            30 years

Terry Shaklee              40 years

Cindy Detrick             34 years